Induction Heating Steel Pipe Bending Machine

 Steel Pipe Bending Machine     |      2018-06-18 15:46
Product Description

1.   Uses and features:
The equipment is non-standard special use equipment suitable for equal diameter steel pipes to continuously produce kinds of bended pipes with kinds of diameters especially for large diameters.(hereinafter refereed to bend). The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user’s required technical parameters such as bend diameter, wall thickness and radius.

2.   Bend technical parameters:

1) Raw material steel pipe:seamless steel pipe, straight welded pipe or spiral welded pipe.

2) Bend radius should be bigger than 2.5D (if below 2.5D, use elbow pushing machine),programming intelligent control pipe bending angle ( the bending angle can be randomly set as required within certain range)

3) Bend diameter and wall thickness range:φ89~1420mm,wall thickness:φ5~120mm(sectional design and manufacturing the equipment).

4) Main oil cylinder stroke is determined according to max bend diameter and max bending radius(provided by user).


3. Equipment structure:base and guide rail, main oil cylinder and support plate, active push plate, bending clamping mechanism, bending rocker arm, rocker arm guide rail, rocker arm spindle, bending compound chuck, medium frequency transformer
adjustment mechanism, medium frequency transformer, medium frequency power supply, smart control system, operation desk(touch screen), water cooling circulating system.

4.  Specification: