Installation And Debugging Of Hydro Testing Machine For Russ

 News     |      2019-07-03 14:21


The small 89mm stainless steel pipe hydraulic testing equipment purchased by the Russian customer has been installed and debugged in the customer's factory recently. Under the guidance of two professional technicians of our company, the customer cooperated closely and successfully connected the equipment. After 10 days of guidance on installation and adjustment and personnel training, the equipment has been successfully handed over.




The equipment is a special non-standard equipment for pressure testing and pressure testing of small diameter stainless steel pipe.

1) Pipe diameter range: φ16~φ89mm
2) Pipe length: 4 m to 18m (±0.1m)
3) Max testing pressure: 20 MPa (200bar)
4) Pressure holding time: 1-30s ( can be set )