Vietnam 325mm Induction Pipe Bending Unit Delivery

 News     |      2019-07-23 17:14

The 325mm induction heating pipe bending unit ordered by the Vietnamese customer has been successfully delivered.

This customer in Vietnam is a large oil and gas project company in Vietnam. The production line of induction heating elbow is mainly used for submarine oil pipelines. It has super anti-pressure and anti-corrosion ability, namely super stainless steel material. It is difficult to heat bending.

Our factory customizes this equipment according to the customer's special material and specification requirements:
1) bent pipe diameter range: 114 - Φ Φ 323 mm
2) maximum elbow wall thickness: 4.57mm
3) bending radius: 7D ~ 16D
4) bending Angle: 0 ~ 260 °