Installation And Debugging Of TENARIS Pipe Hot Expansion Lin

 News     |      2019-07-30 14:34


Argentina Tenerius co., the largest steel pipe manufacturer in the world , ordered our factory φ 426 mm four cylinder two-step push hydraulic induction heating pipe expanding line, including pipe expanding machine, graphite spraying machine, steel pipe straightening machine etc, the whole hot expansion line of all equipment are manufactured and provided by our factory.




The customer made the preparations work in advance according to the foundation and layout plan drawings provided by our factory. Two engineers of our factory arrived at the customer's factory immediately. Under the professional guidance of our engineers, the customer closely cooperated with us, and completed the installation and adjustment of the whole production line in only 10 days, and successfully trained the customer to use.
The client is very recognized equipment, and also the professional spirit of engineers repeatedly praised!