The Second Ukrainian 1420 Hydro Testing Machine Installation

 News     |      2019-08-30 17:30


The second 1420mm large Steel Pipe Hydraulic pressure test equipment of our factory purchased by the Ukrainian customer has successfully reached the customer's factory, and the overseas installation and debugging guidance group of our factory also arrived in Ukraine in time.

This is the second time for the company to purchase Large Pipe Hydro Testing Machine from our factory. Before the equipment arrived at the buyer, the customer has done the foundation work according to the relevant materials provided by us. Under the professional guidance of my engineers, all the installation and adjustment work has been completed in only 7 days and the staff has been trained professionally.

The equipment has been successfully delivered and put into production.




Equipment main parameter :
1. Tested pipe OD range :φ530 mm - φ1420 mm 
2. Tested pipe length range:6 - 12 m 
3. Max testing pressure:18.6Mpa  ,Max oil-water balance thrust :1600t 
4. Pressure holding time:5 - 30 s (can be set)
5. Seal method :inner fill rubber ring