BAOSTEEL Φ 1020 Steel Pipe Thermal Expansion Unit Delivery

 News     |      2020-10-11 11:47



Baosteel Group ordered my factory 1020 large steel tube thermal expansion unit has been shipped. This machine unit is the fifth thermal expansion production line ordered by Baotou Steel Group from our factory.

The maximum pipe diameter of the unit is 1020mm, and the maximum wall thickness is 45mm, and the pipe length is up to 13.5m. Applicable steel pipe material includes carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.




In recent years, Baotou Steel Group has continuously purchased five thermal expansion production lines from our factory, which not only expands the company's production scale, enriches the product categories, and achieves the first-class product quality in the industry, but also effectively reduces the production cost and improves the economic benefits. Confirm and realize the YAXING and user win-win business philosophy.