Automatic Induction Pipe Expanding Machine Delivery

 News     |      2021-08-26 15:27


Hysteeltube and our factory began to cooperate in 2006, and have ordered dozens of hot expansion pipe production lines continually. The latest order of φ820 Automatic Induction Heating Pipe Expanding Machine has been successfully completed and delivery.



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φ820×60 steel pipe expanding machine


Can be used to manufactured the maximum steel pipe diameter up to 820mm, the maximum pipe wall thickness up to 60mm, and the steel pipe material can be carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel can be.
The induction heating steel pipe enxpanding machine as our patent and core technology product, has more than 20 years of mature and rich experience in design and manufacturing. Featured with small investment, easy operation and quick return, especially suitable for the production of multi-specification and small-batch steel pipes.