Hydraulic Tee Cold Forming Machine

 Tee Making Machine     |      2019-07-23 17:54

Hydraulic Tee Cold Forming Machine 


1. Product Introduction :

This equipment is used for carbon steel, stainless steel pipe processing tee special hydraulic press, adopting hydraulic stretching molding, the machine adopts PLC control, processing tee with high synchronization performance, easy to operate and other characteristics. The equipment is equipped with ultra-high pressure overflow valve and supercharger, which can meet various specifications of tee making.




2. Main Features:


This equipment adopts the liquid inside the pipe to stretch forming and adopts PLC control. It can realize two operation modes: jog and semi-automatic. The left and right side cylinders adopt hydraulic synchronization mode. The stroke can be adjusted by the stroke switch. The main cylinder has pressure relief characteristics, which is safe and reliable. The speed is fast and the production efficiency is high.