Tee Cold Forming Machine

 Tee Making Machine     |      2018-06-18 17:53

Product Description

It is special equipment for Steel Tee.

Mechanical structure:
(1) Integral frame-type fuselage optimized design ensures strength, welding part are subjected to non-destructive testing, post-weld for aging treatment, to ensure that the stress is completely eliminated, and no deformation occurs during the use of the equipment.
(2) T-slots are installed below the slider and above the table to install the mold.
(3) There is a top dead center locking device to prevent the slider from sliding down.
(4) The power mechanism is placed on the top of the machine, and the top of the fuselage is equipped with a safety platform and a fence.
(5) The slider guide adopts non-recoverable automatic circulation and thin oil lubrication, and it is equipped with an oil tank and fault display device.