Cold Elbow Making Machine

 Elbow Machine     |      2021-04-13 13:14


The Cold Elbow Forming Machine is special equipment for production of stainless steel elbows.

No heating, using special mandrels, through cold extrusion method to achieve production of stainless steel elbow forming. And the finished elbows needn't reshape.

The cold elbow forming machine has successfully solved the stainless steel material is difficult to heat, can not hot push molding problem. It has become the required equipment for the ss elbows plant.   



stainless steel elbow making machine.jpg


The Cold Elbow Making Machine Features: 


  1. Adopt Siemens PLC control system with high automatic degree. Need less labor cost.

  2. Special setups for mandrel with easy operation.

  3. strong and beautiful outlook with high quality and long service time.



stainless steel elbow making machine.jpg





The elbow making machine belongs to non-standard customized equipment, all are made according to users' actual specifications request. 

Welcome to send your specifications requirements and contact us for a professional offer!