Large OD Seamless Steel Pipe Production Line

 Pipe Expanding Machine     |      2018-06-18 15:40
Product Description

1. Short Production Time, Greater Flexibility

Traditional pipe manufacturing requires a lot of time to change out a pipe's size. As a result,  large order quantities are required from the customer so that these manufacturers can see a profit.
DEZHOU YAXING's Thermal Pipe Expansion process can change out pipe sizes in 3 hours. Shorter production time allows for greater flexibility in response to emergency order situations. It also lowers minimum order quantities to a manageable level, giving distributors the ability to carry some of those odd sizes they previously couldn't.

2.The equipment is used in the diameter expanding production of seamless pipe, straight welded pipe, spiral welded pipe and so on.
3.The suitable material for expansion includes: plain carbon steel, kinds of alloy steel and stainless steel. 



 4.Steel Pipe Expanding Machine as our patent core technology product 
    Main features including:

  1). Using medium frequency induction heating technology to manufacture large diameter seamless steel tube. 
  2). Especially suitable for the production of small batch steel pipe with various specifications.Well-replenished rolled seamless steel pipe specification series in the market. 

  3). Small investment, and easy to operate.

 5. Specification :