Medium Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply

 Medium Frequency Power Supply     |      2018-06-19 11:22

Product Description
1. Uses:

It is used in pipe diameter hot expanding, hot push elbow, hot pipe bending, hot flaring,
pipe tempering for kinds of steel pipes heat deforming production. Power and frequency of
medium frequency power supply can be set as required. Outstanding advantage, even
heating (diathermic), easy to realize smart temperature constant control, energy
saving and environmental protection. It is main heating equipment for heating
deformation of kinds of steel pipes.

2. Technical Features:

CPLD-3 Constant power thyristor medium-frequency power is mainly composed of  3-phase in power supply, regulator, phase-shifting control, protect circuit, phase sequence adaptive circuit, start calculation circuit, inverter frequency tracking, inverter pulse forming circuit, pulse amplifier, pulse transformer. The core components adopt the large-scale dedicated MPU integrated circuits, the whole circuit in addition to the regulator all realized the digitalization control, the rectifier trigger section does not need to adjust, with high pulse symmetry, high anti-interference ability and fast response features. There are phase sequence of the adaptive circuit , only need connect the gate line of the KP thyristor with the corresponding terminal on the control panel, the rectifying section can be put into operation. Inverter using frequency sweep zero- voltage soft start mode , with automatic repeat start appliances, so that the medium- frequency power start success rate up to 100 %.

3.  Input voltage of medium frequency power supply:

380V and 660V. The higher the input voltage, the less the power consumption it during working. Input voltage is determined by user’s local power supply condition and transformer.

4. Special precautions!

Medium-Frequency power supply cabinet in the closed state must not touch the cabinet inside, the load charged components and the induction coil, if need to repair equipment or move the induction coil, please must turn off the power switch in a blackout state before repairing. There will be risk of electric shock if people break the operation regulation!