Tube End Expanding Machine

 Steel Pipe Flaring Machine     |      2018-06-19 11:41

Product Description

1. Equipment uses and flaring form:used to one or two ends of various specifications of steel pipes’ heating flaring. (according to user size settings).

1) Used for anticorrosive pipe flaring. Steel pipe connection end joint parts cannot be embalmed, after steel pipe ends are expanded, putting a length of anti-corrosion pipe fittings in, isolate the corrosive liquid in the steel pipe and the steel pipe joint with "O" type polyurethane seal ring, make the steel pipe link joint anti-corrosion and prolong the whole steel pipe pipeline life 3-5 times.

2) Kinds of threading and anticorrosion steel tubes are expanded on one end, and insert the other end of the pipe into it, which can form sealed threading pipeline and be used in the urban road construction precast for All kinds of wire and cable, communications. Meanwhile, it is also the special equipment for structural fire protection anticorrosion pipeline ends flaring.

3) Large diameter steel pipe end flaring forming for internal and external spherical connection pipe, easy to bend in the process of construction, convenient welding. The kind of flaring is mainly used in natural gas and kinds of large diameter steel pipe conveying pipeline engineering.

4) The anticorrosion liquid conveyor pipeline after flaring will gradually replace cast tube and cement tube. Main advantages:easy installation, fast and convenient construction, low project cost.


2. Steel pipe flaring technical parameters:

1)flaring diameter:φ60~φ1900mm   wall thickness:3~100mm(sectional design and manufacturing the equipment)

2)pipe length:3~12m

3)flaring length is 1-1.5 times of steel pipe diameter

3. Equipment Structure:
rack, main oil cylinder and support plate, loading rack, unloading rack, steel pipe center rest mechanism, steel pipe flaring and exit-clamping mechanism, hydraulic control system, electric control system(operation desk), medium frequency power heating mechanism, medium frequency heating coil adjustment rack, induction heating coil, flaring mould, cooling water circulating system.