Steel Pipe Graphite Spraying Machine

 Graphite Spraying Machine     |      2018-06-19 11:17

Product Description

 1.  Uses and features:
This equipment is special machine unit designed for hot expanding steel pipe with the demand of the inside wall lubrication. It is environmental-friendly auxiliary equipment for expanding machine unit. The equipment can stir graphite powder evenly with water to form graphite emulsion liquid which will be sprayed and coated on steel pipe inside wall. Furthermore it can filter and recycle excess sprayed graphite and reuse. It has replaced traditional artificial brush way of the dirty, messy, low efficiency and high labor intensity, improved the production efficiency, reduced artificial and labor strength, and it is safety and environmental protection.
This equipment has the independent hydraulic power system and electric smart control system, and adopts the button centralized control(touch screen). For the operators, there is no any contact of steel, graphite and graphite emulsion in the whole process. It has overcome the shortcoming of the original manual mode of dirty, poor environment and high labor intensity.

2.  Spraying steel pipe specifications:

Pipe OD: φ108~φ1020mm;Pipe length: 4-15m(design and manufacture the equipment according to hot expanding machine unit)

3.  Equipment structure:

storage mechanism of graphite and water material bin, graphite spraying gun mobile device, steel pipe rotating and tilt device, graphite emulsion filtration and collection device (including sewage pump) , automatic loading and unloading device, hydraulic control system, smart control system, operation desk(touch screen), safety stopping guarantee system for whole equipment fault.