Tapered Oxygen Lance

 Seamless Tapered Steel Pipe     |      2018-06-19 11:15

Product Description
Oxygen lance is the most important oxygen blowing equipment for the converter steelmaking process. 
Seamless Taper Steel Pipe is used for making Oxygen lance.

Traditional converter steelmaking technology adopts straight pipe top-blown oxygen lance and spraying slag sticking on the oxygen lance is a common problem. It is the most difficult work for to clean sticky oxygen lance. The best way to avoid oxygen lance sticking is to use taper oxygen lance. The split taper oxygen lance body near the nozzle is tapered, upper end is bigger and lower end is small. The steel slag cannot stick on the lance. The steel slag splashed on the lance body will drop down naturally along the taper lance into the furnace(out increase and energy saving). 

The production practice has proved that the taper oxygen lance has 3 to 4 times lifetime than traditional straight pipe oxygen lance, shorten 1/3 of oxygen steelmaking time, and increased steel output and improves the efficiency of steelmaking.